Founded and based in Sydney,
this is LiteSec.
A creative development group dedicated to creating a better web.

Who are we?

Started between international friends, LiteSec is a programming group dedicated to creating a better future for the internet. LiteSec was founded in late 2015, and has since worked with many partners internationally on multiple projects. After shutting down Christmas 2017, we are back and better than ever.

01. Members Everywhere

Since our start in late 2015, LiteSec has accquired many members from around the world. This means we can respond faster and get more stuff done.

02. Advanced Knowledge

LiteSec is a collective coding/programming group. Our members have vast, advanced knowledge in many areas.

03. Global Network

There is not a single server which controls the entire LiteSec network. We have nodes availible in many developed countries ready to host on.


There are no projects by LiteSec at this time.