11 July 2021Posted by Noah Farmer

Passing on a Legacy: open-sourcing our old LiteSec projects

It's time to do what's right.

LiteSec didn't just start out of nowhere. Instead, the foundation of LiteSec was a result of countless hours spent designing, developing, and testing projects before we even had a name. It's these initial experiences that created a community, and have brought LiteSec to where it is today.

We're human too. We know how hard it is to get that first line of code into a brand new project, and we certainly know how hard it is to create a name for yourself based on your work alone. But it's not impossible, especially with the right head start.

Hence, it is with the greatest pleasure to announce that we are open-sourcing our biggest legacy project, OneOS: X. We will be publishing the entire source code for the Batch operating system, along with all its dependencies needed to correctly function.

However, we also must note that due to legal requirements today, we cannot publish the following:

  • Bootable OS Framework (as OneOS: X was based on the copyrighted Windows NT Framework)
  • OneOS App Store and Framework (servers and code are no longer available)

Additionally, as OneOS:X is a legacy/archived project, we will not be hosting any server-side components, which will render the following functionality unusable in its current configuration:

  • OneChat/1Chat
  • OneCloud/1Cloud
  • OneMail/1Mail
  • NEO (client-sided components will still work)
  • Key-based Activation

Although these components won't be hosted by LiteSec anymore, we will still include the client-sided functionality in the open-sourced version of OneOS: X, meaning you can simply spin up your own servers and experiment with OneOS: X in any way you can dream of!

So, what are you waiting for?

You can view the open-sourced OneOS: X on our GitHub by clicking here. If you're not too interested in the code behind it, we are also publishing the OneOS X R1.iso file as it originally appeared on our YouTube account, so you can experience the bootable version of OneOS: X as it once was. You can download that from this link.

We at LiteSec cannot wait to see what the community can do with our open-sourced OneOS: X. On behalf of all of us, thank you, for making LiteSec what it is today.